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Sexy New Urban Design Team

"Such miniaturisation is a perfect way to get people thinking about urban planning, spaces for living in or the relationship between geography and community"
Matthew Clayfield, Realtime



Applespiel construct a (more or less) to scale model of your local area, out of coloured cardboard, paddepop sticks and pipe cleaners. Over several days through surveying the public, Applespiel identify potential eyesores, note down wild architectural fantasies and give serious thought to the color pink. The publics concerns and desires are instantly gratified by the altering of the scale model, creating a collaborative vision for the future of the neighbourhood through a constant evolution. At the end of the process, the result is a neighbourhood designed by locals and visitors expressing their concerns and desires.
An ultimate neighbourhood.
A Sexy New Neighbourhood.

Tiny Stadiums Festival, Sydney, February 2010
You Are Here, Canberra, March 2011
Festival of Unpopular Culture, Adelaide, October 2011
Verge Festival, USYD, October 2013
FUNPARK, Sydney Festival, January 2014

Created with support from Quarterbred and PACT Centre for Emerging Artists