Upcoming Events

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Sydney Development Showings: 8.30pm Wednesday April 25, 1.30pm Saturday April 28
Freestyle wrestling is notorious as one of the most difficult sports on Earth. Nick has been trying to learn how to do it for 10 years. Watch him attempt to teach his students, defeat his opponents and justify working so hard at something that may never ever pay off. Nick will use a real gym, real wrestlers and real live wrestling to help all of us look at the reasons that we strive to conquer realms that we will never ever conquer.


Rachel works with Boho to deliver science-based workshops for professionals. Through hands-on gaming and interactive theatre, she helps businesses engage with key principles from complexity theory and resilience thinking.
Boho use gaming, narrative scenarios and playful exercises to explore key concepts from complex systems science. Participants develop their ability to work as a team, to respond creatively to challenges, and their decision-making procedures.