Rachel and Nathan YAH 2014 photo by Adam Thomas.jpg

In Pursuit Of Excellence (A Telethon For Excellence)

In response to the proposed cuts to the Australia Council budget announced by Arts Minister George Brandis in May, Applespiel are channeling Jerry Lewis and performing a 24 hour telethon – but instead of raising money (the traditional currency of telethons), Applespiel are raising ‘excellence’ for the small-to-medium arts sector.
This tongue-in-cheek fundraiser will stream online as audiences make ‘pledges’ of excellence to show their support of the arts in Australia. As we fight sleep to get through a whole 24 hours of telethoning, we hope you can join us as collaborative audience members to help us reach our target of 104 MILLION EXCELLENCES!

This event was staged at PACT Centre For Emerging Artists in July, 2015 and broadcast online.