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Jarrod Duffy Is Not Dead

Exploring the mythos of their own beginning...the pros and cons of this invasion and the framing of this deliciously voyeuristic conundrum are explored with theatrical precision par excellence..."
Kathryn Kelly, Realtime


Metro Arts QLD, 20-29th April 2017.

Jarrod Duffy Is Not Dead is a devised work by the performance collective Applespiel. Jarrod Duffy was the ninth member of Applespiel, who studies with the group at the University of Wollongong. In October 2010, two weeks before performing an Honours show, he disappeared, leaving behind the furniture at his house and no explanation. Phone, email and facebook yielded no results.

Jarrod Duffy Is Not Dead is the story of that disappearance and Applespiel's hunt to find their missing friend.

Created with support from:
Vitalstatistix's Adhocracy program
HotHouse's 'Month in the Country' residency program

First performed as a development with Merrigong Theatre Company in April 2016, as part of the 'Make it @ Merrigong' program.

Realtime review here.

Photos by Jackson Davis