Democratic Nature

Boho Interactive is a theatre company based in Canberra, Australia. Rachel joined Boho as an associate artist in 2012 with the beginnings of the project 'Best Festival Ever: How To Manage A Disaster'. 

Here's an article in New Scientist about gaming and theatre, which mentions Boho's work and the work of our friends and mentors Coney UK.

"Our aim is to spread understanding of scientific concepts from fields including complex systems science, Game Theory, Network Theory and climate and global change, and the risks of ignoring the implications of these concepts. We think that the current state of scientific discourse in the media is unbalanced. Misinformation is routinely reported, and this makes us angry. Science has an obligation to be impartial and we think the arts have an obligation to balance the score by fighting battles where lines are allowed to be blurred. We can manipulate emotions. We can fight dirty."

- Boho Interactive's website and blog can be found here

Democratic Nature underwent development in 2016, and is scheduled for completion 2018 - a partnership between Boho Interactive, Miljöverkstan (Swedish NGO) and partners in environmental management, governance and education.

Here's a blog post by Rachel about working in Stockholm

“The creative force of Boho Interactive in collaboration with Applespiel should be a regular feature in every science classroom. This is what makes learning fun!”

— Peter Wilkins