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Applespiel: Smaller Works

Applespiel go back in time to save Performance Space and Christmas, a pantomime for Performance Space’s 30th birthday season at Carriageworks, November 2013

You’re invisible, an audio experience for Village Bizarre at The Rocks, November 2013

Stations of the Southern Cross July 2013, Underbelly Arts Lab, presented at Underbelly Arts Festival 3-4 August, supported by the Keir Foundation

Make a Band and Take on the Recording Industry July 2012, Carriageworks, supported by Performance Space and the Australia Council for the Arts. Show dates 25-29 August.
May-June 2011 Performance Space development with work-in-progress showing

Awful Literature is Still Literature I Guess July-Dec 2011 Underbelly Arts Lab, Crack Theatre Festival, Late Night Libraries, Markets by Moonlight, NovemberISM.

Don’t Call Us, We’ll Call You Oct 2011 a crowd funding initiative/performance evening for City of Sydney’s Late Night Library.

Snail Piece, Oct 2011. Developed during Underbelly Arts Lab 2010 and performed again at the Sydney Opera House Festival of Dangerous Ideas. (Rachel was not a performer for this work, but acted in an advisory role)

Executive Stress/Corporate Retreat May 2011 Performance work for Tiny Stadiums Festival

Take on a Classic Feb 2011 A performance for Griffin Theatre’s ‘Griffringe’.

Applespiel Are Actors and You Can Be Too Maybe Oct 2010 A workshop for Performance Space’s Clubhouse.

Applespiel’s Morning Commercial Breakfast Radio Show Oct 2010 for Crack Theatre Festival, as part of TiNA (This is Not Art)

Snail Piece, Underbelly Arts Lab July 2010 – residency and performance.

Appleloft, The Sydney Fringe Festival Sept 2010, Pact Centre for Energing Artists

Crack Theatre Festival, as part of This Is Not Art (TINA) Oct 2010 Performances and panels at the TINA Festival with Applespiel in Newcastle, NSW.