Rachel Roberts
 Photo by Amelia J Dowd

Photo by Amelia J Dowd


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I'm Rachel. I'm a theatre maker.

I make theatre works about systems, ego, cultural myths and the body.

I work by myself, with Applespiel, and with Boho Interactive.




Rachel is a Sydney-based theatre maker and graduate of University of Wollongong’s Bachelor of Creative Arts (Performance) course. She is currently studying a Graduate Diploma of Counselling and aims to complete a Masters of Psychotherapy. She also has half a degree in Food & Nutrition from CSU.

She has worked as a devisor, producer and performer with theatre collective Applespiel since 2009, making works that test dynamic audience relationships, engage in personal stories, and dissect structures of mythology in society.

As well as performing in text-based theatre and film, Rachel is an associate artist with Boho Interactive since 2012 when she was invited to help create ‘Best Festival Ever’, working in residence with University College London and the London Science Museum’s Dana Centre.

Rachel aims to create sustainable work that engages and empowers, giving the audience tools to interact with the world around them in different ways.

Rachel in the recipient of an Australia Council for the Arts 'Artstart' grant, a Creative Young Stars grant, the Joan Waugh Scholarship, and her work has been supported by ArtsNSW, NED Foundation, and Marrickville Council. She has completed secondments with The Rabble (VIC) and version 1.0 (NSW).




Applespiel are a collective of young and emerging artists who collaborate as performers, musicians, technicians and devisers. Active since 2009, Applespiel evolved out of a shared interest in contemporary performance and a collaborative creative process. In developing new work, Applespiel find themselves increasingly involved in testing dynamic audience relationships, engaging in personal stories, and dissecting structures of mythology in society.

Applespiel are Simon Binns, Nicole Kennedy, Emma McManus, Mark Rogers, Troy Reid, Joseph Parro, Nathan Harrison and Rachel Roberts.

Applespiel's website is here!

"Exploring the mythos of their own beginning...the pros and cons of this invasion and the framing of this deliciously voyeuristic conundrum are explored with theatrical precision par excellence..."
Kathryn Kelly, Realtime on 'Jarrod Duffy Is Not Dead'

“Applespiel do indeed turn their narratives inside out, but their childlike humour, sincerity and perceptiveness endear rather than alienate them from their audiences, whom they clearly regard with the utmost intelligence. Applespiel seem to really know what they’re doing. This latest smart, self-assured, formally inventive work cements the troupe as true cultural innovators”
Lauren Carroll Harris, Realtime on 'Stations of the Southern Cross'

“Applespiel’s star has been on the rise. Show after hilarious show, they’ve crept into our hearts, and it just keeps getting better.”
Kate Britton, FBi Radio

“Applespiel are young, whip-smart, tirelessly creative, and will no doubt be causing a ruckus for quite some time. As with Snail Piece (Underbelly Arts Festival 2010), Applespiel have matched a playful concept with rigorous thought, meticulous preparation, and professional execution. More please!”
Dee Jefferson, The Brag on 'Executive Stress / Corporate Retreat'



Boho Interactive

Boho Interactive is a theatre company based in Canberra, Australia. Rachel joined Boho as an associate artist in 2012 with the beginnings of the project 'Best Festival Ever: How To Manage A Disaster'. 

Here's an article in New Scientist about gaming and theatre, which mentions Boho's work and the work of our friends and mentors Coney UK.

"Our aim is to spread understanding of scientific concepts from fields including complex systems science, Game Theory, Network Theory and climate and global change, and the risks of ignoring the implications of these concepts. We think that the current state of scientific discourse in the media is unbalanced. Misinformation is routinely reported, and this makes us angry. Science has an obligation to be impartial and we think the arts have an obligation to balance the score by fighting battles where lines are allowed to be blurred. We can manipulate emotions. We can fight dirty."

- Boho Interactive's website and blog can be found here